Comic Strips by Ricardo Galvao!

We’ve got some more funny images from artist Ricardo Galvao. From a jury of Facebookers to snakes on a plane, Galvao is creating comics out of any weird current event that you may have heard of in the past.

And here’s the actual video:

Avoiding interruptions? We Wouldn’t want anyone to be a royal pain!

One of our favorite artists, Ricardo Galvão made this hilarious poster depicting Prince Williams and Kate Middleton trying to buy a car; the salesman being utterly oblivious while two starstruck fans drool in the background. The image was created for the Marlin Company.

Ricardo Galvao “Elected” for Blit’s iPhone & Android “Campaign Trail” Game Caricatures

When our friends at Blit Interactive needed fresh and edgy caricatures of Barack & Mitt to drive their new “Presidential Campaign Trail” game they only needed one look at Ricardo Galvao’s work to “know he was the man for the job”.  Can’t afford to donate to Super PACs?  Don’t worry, for less than a dollar you can show your support & bash the competition on either your iPhone and Android phones!

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