Night At The Ballroom

Kevin Micheal Schmitz just finished a brilliant film noir style fashion shoot for LA Fashion Magazine. The photographs were taken inside a beautiful ballroom at The Palmer House Hilton.

Kevin Michael Schmitz’s Adventure in Istanbul


Kevin Schmitz took this beautiful fashion shot during his trip to Istanbul for an Italian Magazine. “Shortly after shooting this I went to the ER where I nearly went into septic shock from getting sick from the Turkish food,” Kevin said.

The photograph was taken at a 1500 year old Byzantine Palace on the Bosphorous during a rainstorm.

See more of Kevin’s work on his website at:


Cinryze commissioned Artistic Image to create this eye-catching image to promote how the product helps to prevent Hereditary Angioedema attacks. The model was photographed in the studio,  the park on location, and the swelling park walkway was created in CGI. The final post to composite all of the elements was done in studio.

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