The Big Switch

This is another book by Harry Turtledove that Mike Bryan designed the cover for. This book is about an alternate version of history and how things would have been if these events took place .


Mike Bryan created this amazing book cover for Coup D’ETAT a story about an alternate version of history such as world war one and two. The author Harry Turtledove  shows the possibilities of  what could have happened in history with his books and makes it come alive.

Rugby for Breakfast


Frank Neidhardt created this digital photo-illustration & cgi image for  the Wake-up with “l’Equipe”  ad campaign for the famous french sport newspaper. All had great fun doing this, Rugbyman was shot with high-speed flashes in action jumping on a huge mattress He did  this about 30 or 40 times, still smiling after every jump.
Agency: RAPP France

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