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marcel laverdet-cgi_characters-cgi_people_cgi_architecture-grafitti-painted-female-tagging-wall-with-spray-painted-grafitti

Marcel Laverdet made a person become a work of art in this CGI piece. At first glance, it looks like she is part of the graffiti mural, when really, she has just been painted to match it. A common misconception about art is that it is only meant to be looked at and decoded. Obviously we love to view and appreciate art, but there are many factors that play into it. It can be participatory, as we see here. Laverdet crosses lines by adding this painted, naked, backward-facing (she is viewing the wall, too) woman to an already aesthetically amusing mural. By making her a part of the creation, he combines viewer and product in an interesting and cool fashion.




Marcel Laverdet “Trompe L’Oeil” World Below NYC for Canon

360i New York, hired Marcel Laverdet to create a series of (5) five CGI “Trompe L’Oeil” scenes of the “World Below New York”, for installations around NYC on May 16th and 17th,to support Canon’s “BeReady”  campaign for it’s new series of Powershot cameras, that allow the user to upload  photos directly to their social media pages.

Canon Be Ready NYC Trompe L"Oeil Canon Be Ready NYC Trompe L"Oeil

Brock University Ad Campaign










Brock University has recently launched its “Both Sides of the Brain” marketing campaign, which emphasizes their dedication to helping students develop both sides of their brain, personally and academically, to become more well-rounded individuals.  Many of our artists were involved in creating these ads, which were displayed around the campus (located in Ontario, Canada), in the city as local bus shelter ads, and in various magazines.  The two pieces above were done by Marcel Laverdet.  To see more of the “Both Sides of the Brain” ads, check out Brock University’s website here.

‘Beary’ playful springtime campaign


Who wouldn’t love receiving this picture in their mailbox this spring?  Marcel Laverdet, one of our artists here at AAReps, designed and created this fun-loving illustration for a direct mail campaign.  Tell us what you think!

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