Bonnie Hofkin’s Sandwich Serenade

Bonnie Hofkin’s Sandwich Serenade!

Check out some of these amazing food photos by artist Bonnie Hofkin.

Chickpeas Baby_Spinch_Leaves Feta_Cheese Mini_Tomatoes Grilled_Chicken_Breast Red_Bell_Pepper Quizno_Mesquite Quizno_PrimeRib


One year away from perfection

How many times do you say you are going to do something and never end up going through with it? Everybody has more things that they want to do than they have time to do. Jon Rogers uses a seven page spread of pixel art illustrations and provides some quick tips on how to actually get things done, as feature in the September issue of FHM.

Powerhouse Animation Creates Yogurt Commercial

Powerhouse Animation and AnimationsFabrik teamed up to create the commercial for Ehrmann’s Monster Backe yogurt.  Check out the fun cartoon commercial here, which features a green lizard monster bearing yogurt!

Hilarious Smokey Bones Promotions







Smokey Bones, a restaurant with locations throughout the east coast, believes in “laughing often,” especially at themselves.  This is obvious from their promotional pieces (a few of which are pictured above), which were designed and created by AA Reps artist, Jon Rogers.  Rogers’ artwork reflects the easygoing, fun atmosphere that Smokey Bones incorporates in each of its 68 restaurants.

Keith Batcheller is “Tru to Moo” for Leo Burnett











In an ode to the days of daily milk delivery, where chocolate milk only contained natural ingredients, Keith created a seres of digital illustrations of 50’s garbed milkmen to highlight TruMoo’s commitment to delivering a natural blend of milk with pure cocoa and 100% natural sugar. Check out other works done by Keith here:

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