One year away from perfection

How many times do you say you are going to do something and never end up going through with it? Everybody has more things that they want to do than they have time to do. Jon Rogers uses a seven page spread of pixel art illustrations and provides some quick tips on how to actually get things done, as feature in the September issue of FHM.

Outdoor Sex Survey

FHM Magazine published a survey to determine how many of their readers have ever had sex in the outdoors.  Our artist, Jon Rogers, designed the survey artwork (displayed above), which was a spread illustration as pixel art.  Click on the image to really see Rogers’ comical work.  And interested in what FHM readers had to say?  Check it out here.

“Who’s the Man”

FHM Magazine’s February issue, published in the United Kingdom, contained an article titled “Who’s the Man”. The article focused on what characteristics truly define what a man is today. One of our artists, Chad McCown, produced 20 illustrations of different professions for the article, with celebrities heads superimposed upon the illustrations.

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