illustrations of children’s diseases

Craig Zuckerman was commissioned to do a series of  illustrations depicting various types of children’s diseases for Nemours, a children’s health system. These  two images depict cases of chicken pox and urinary track infection.

John Hom wins Gold for Mattel’s “Garage to Go”

John Hom wins Gold Award (1st Place) in PlayIllustration 2011 International Art Competition in the category of Best ILLUSTRATION for a Toy, Game or Children’s product for his “Garage-to-Go” toy set rendering for Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy line.

Powerhouse Animation Creates Yogurt Commercial

Powerhouse Animation and AnimationsFabrik teamed up to create the commercial for Ehrmann’s Monster Backe yogurt.  Check out the fun cartoon commercial here, which features a green lizard monster bearing yogurt!

Fire Prevention Week Promotion

Fire Prevention Week is celebrated every October and educates children on the dangers of fire and what to do in the event of a fire.  Positive Promotions produces and sells products relating to fire prevention, including books and stationery.  This year, artist Garth Glazier has created an illustration (shown above) which will be featured in a Positive Promotions catalogue.

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