Marcel's Magic

marcel laverdet-cgi_characters-cgi_people_cgi_architecture-grafitti-painted-female-tagging-wall-with-spray-painted-grafitti

Marcel Laverdet made a person become a work of art in this CGI piece. At first glance, it looks like she is part of the graffiti mural, when really, she has just been painted to match it. A common misconception about art is that it is only meant to be looked at and decoded. Obviously we love to view and appreciate art, but there are many factors that play into it. It can be participatory, as we see here. Laverdet crosses lines by adding this painted, naked, backward-facing (she is viewing the wall, too) woman to an already aesthetically amusing mural. By making her a part of the creation, he combines viewer and product in an interesting and cool fashion.




3DI’s Cover Art for Taylor Anderson’s “Deadly Shores”


3DI Studio showed off their CGI war machine rendering abilities in Anderson’s 9th book in the best selling “Destroyermen” alternative book series. Anderson is currently working on the 10th book in the series, but pick up your copy of “Deadly Shores” today!

Wednesday’s Featured Artist: Jerry LoFaro

Jerry LoFaro is a man of many artistic styles. With over 25 years of experience in his field, Jerry LoFaro has established a name for his hard work and his unique brand. Take a look at just some of the different work styles LoFaro has done below.

You can also check out more of his work on our direct site at, or on our Flckr!

jerry-lofaro-celestial-seasonings-surreal-package-art_Hat revise 7-13

Prod Vanilla-Ginger Ch.jpg


JL_Aflac Long Island Iced Tea Martini & Manhattan

Grapefruit 11-4-08

8,000 CGI Rendered Post-it Notes Should Do It…..

Hill Holiday tapped Artistic Image to created this expansive train wrap for Cigna’s “Yes We Can” campaign to support Cigna’s 2014 health insurance coverage consumer campaign.   Using 8,000+ Post-it notes, Artistic Image built a file to cover the massive 125”H X 831.5”W commuter train.

Talent:  Artistic Image

Agency/Company:  HHCC

Client: Cigna Insurance






Art Producer: Jen Hall

Art Director/Sr. Designer: Adrianne Read

Creative Director: Rob Rich

Print Production Mgr.: David Majeau

Project Mgr: Jennifer Dodds



3DI Studio creates cover for New York Times bestselling author

3DI Studio has created the cover for Clive Clusser’s new book in the Fargo Adventure series. Under a compressed timeline of 5 days until the book’s production release, publisher Penguin USA needed a cover that defined the Fargo Adventure series. As a result, 3DI created a CGI rendering of “The Tombs” with moody lighting and bullet riddled crates of gold and jewels. The final CGI image was created by rendering multiple separate images that were composed in Adobe Photoshop. This illustration really captures the “heart-pounding” action and suspense that Clusser showcases in his book.

The New York Times bestselling author’s highly anticipated new book will be released on September 4th, 2012. Pre-order the hardcover here!

Fires Can Happen Before You Call 9-1-1

F/C illustration depicting a fire due to having hazardous products stored inside a factory environment to emphasize safety in the working place.

Tony Randazzo created this rendering for The Marlin Company‘s safety poster.

Darren Whittington’s Gold Medal Performance for Coca-Cola

Working closely with the design team at Turner Duckworth, Darren Whittington created a series of iconic silhouette images of  Coca-Cola’s ‘Eight-Pack’ team- to root on Team USA at the upcoming London Olympics and Paralympics 2012.  The ‘Eight-Pack’ imagery recreates action poses  of: David Oliver (men’s track & field), Shawn Johnson (women’s gymnastics), David Boudia (men’s diving), Alex Morgan (women’s soccer) John Isner (men’s tennis), Henry Cejudo (men’s wrestling), Marlen Esparza (women’s boxing), and Jessica Long (Paralympics women’s swimming)- all within a patriotic striped can design that provides movement and context for each sport.

To see more of Darren Whittington’s work click: Here

3DI Studio Relaunch Mortal Engines as Predator Cities

To support Scholastic UK’s relaunch of Philip Reeves beloved Mortal Engines series this month; 3DI Studio applied their CGI expertise to revamp the original “steampunk” styled covers with fresh new visuals inspired by 3DI extensive video game work.

You can find more of 3DI Studio’s work here.

Rugby for Breakfast


Frank Neidhardt created this digital photo-illustration & cgi image for  the Wake-up with “l’Equipe”  ad campaign for the famous french sport newspaper. All had great fun doing this, Rugbyman was shot with high-speed flashes in action jumping on a huge mattress He did  this about 30 or 40 times, still smiling after every jump.
Agency: RAPP France

Artistic Image Gets “Twisted” For Mattel

Artistic Image created this CGI rendering of the Tyco RC Classic “Terrain Twister” for Mattel. Working on a compressed 4 day timeline, Artistic Image rebuilt the CGI model from product scans, and client photos. Once the model was approved they provided a series of grayscale renderings to receive final sign-off for exact camera angle for the vehicle. Finally they delivered a fully layered Photoshop file with the rendered the vehicle  and modeled CGI track composited into the photographicwater and landscape.

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