Lucky Stiff

Jerry LoFaro was commissioned to do another book cover illustration for the new book on the on going “A Mattie Winston Mystery” series, by Annelise Ryan . This one, depicts the “hero”, a cat, and its friend a dog, next to a slot machine against a flashy casino interior background.

Lucky Stiff is not just a mystery novel but a humorous story about a cat and a dog working together to solve the death of a paraplegic man who recently won big at the casino. The book was published by Kensington Books and is currently available for purchase! We definitely recommend this book if you enjoy mystery, comedy, and romance all in one.

“Frozen Stiff” Book Cover

Our very own Jerry LoFaro is responsible for the cover artwork for author Annelise Ryan’s new novel Frozen Stiff. The mystery novel, published by Kensington Publishing Corp, will be released this August.

New Savannah Reid Mystery Novel











From author G.A. McKevett comes the new novel in the Savannah Reid Mysteries series.  Studio Liddell created the artwork for A Decadent Way to Die (pictured right), as well as the previous novel in the series Wicked Craving (pictured left).  The novel, published by Kensington Publishing Corp, follows Detective Savannah Reid as she delves into the mystery of who has attempted to kill 80-year-old celebrity Helene Strauss.

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