Artistic Image Does Promo Ad for Luxury Automobile Brand Jaguar

Artistic Image Does Promo Ad for Luxury Automobile Brand Jaguar 

The luxury automobile brand Jaguar and AAReps own Artistic Image has teamed up to release a sleek new promotional ad for the Jaguar X250 XF Saloon, one of their newest brand of cars. Check out the stylish car in the promo ad below: 

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Bonnie Hofkin Adds Form and Function to the Hospital for Special Surgery AR

Bonnie Hofkin Adds Form and Function to the Hospital for Special Surgery AR

Bonnie Hofkin is well known for her many different art forms, one being her unique medical sketches and drawings. Most recently, Hofkin created some amazing detailed illustrations of the human body for the Hospital for Special Surgery. The HSS featured Hofkin’s drawings in their annual report brochure, located on their official website.

The HSS specializes in many different kinds of surgeries such as Joint Replacement, Spine, Foot & Ankle, Sports Medicine and Shoulder & Limb Lengthening, Hand and Upper Extremity, Metabolic Bone Disease/Oncology, just to name a few. You can find out more information by clicking the link below.   

The HSS Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 2012-2013 Annual Report 
Return to Form and Function: The Essential Work of Hospital for Special Surgery
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Stan Watts 1980s Masked Man Featured In RadioShack SuperBowl Ad

“The 80’s just called. They want their store back.”

Did anyone get a chance to see the hilarious RadioShack SuperBowl ad that had people taking a blast to the past? With cameos such as Hulk Hogan, Kid ‘n Play, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, and many more, RadioShack’s “The Phone Call” commercial will have you reminiscing on the good ole days!

AAReps is also pleased to announce that our very own Stan Watts’ very iconic masked man character was also featured in the 72 second video! 

Check it out!



“Journey Where Your Dreams Are Made”

“Donde tus sueños se hacen viaje…..” reads the amazing promo photos made for the SALON INTERNACIONAL TURISMO, which is based out of Spain. The 26 second video located on the SIT’s website displays a stunning collage that is sure to make you want to journey where your dreams are made!

Credits go to AARep’s own, Anxo Amarelle! 





In Honor of Throwback Thursday….

In 1987 when the original “RoboCop” was released, the world could not get enough of the crime-fighting hero. Well, on February 12th, the remake of “RoboCop” will be in theaters! So, in celebration of the release, we present a #ThrowbackThursday piece by AAReps own, Mike Bryan. Enjoy!



Mike Bryan’s Photo-Imaging Cover Art for David Gibbin’s “Pharaoh”

Digital Artist Mike Bryan made the book cover for David Gibbin’s new book, Pharaoh. Gibbins, who is a marine archaeologist by day and a bestselling novelist by night is a major history buff and loves to incorporate his line of work into the novels he writes. His new book, Pharaoh, leaves it up to a marine archaeologist (sound familiar?) to solve the history behind a strange series of suicides by a pharaoh and his army.

Comic Strips by Ricardo Galvao!

We’ve got some more funny images from artist Ricardo Galvao. From a jury of Facebookers to snakes on a plane, Galvao is creating comics out of any weird current event that you may have heard of in the past.

And here’s the actual video:

Night At The Ballroom

Kevin Micheal Schmitz just finished a brilliant film noir style fashion shoot for LA Fashion Magazine. The photographs were taken inside a beautiful ballroom at The Palmer House Hilton.

Land Rover Classic Print Ads With a Modern Twist.

Marketers are looking to new (or should I say old) methods of getting their product seen. Land Rover is celebrating its 65th anniversary by doing something a little different for their advertising campaign. Artist Garth Glazier was commissioned by Land Rover to create a series of print ads that are reminiscent of the classic ads from the 50’s, but with a modern twist.

This one is the original print ad from a land Rover campaign back in the 1950’s.
This one is the original print ad from a Land Rover campaign back in the 1950’s.
Glazier did a fantastic job in drawing the new Land Rover Evoque for their latest campaign.

Powerhouse Animation Studios Launches Their Attack On 3D Animation

Powerhouse Animation Studios just launched their new website,, in an attempt to fight the evil Z-Axis (3D animation) which they have now been battling for over 12 years.


Here’s a video from their website. Definitely made me like 2D art more than I already do…





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