Giovannina Colalillo’s Portrait Contest Victory


This past week American Artists Representatives’ very own Giovannina Colalillo, along with fellow artist Barbara Spurll, was recognized for her talents at the CAPIC Double Vision 2015 Show. Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

Their art is titled Streaming — In collaboration, they shake their inverted heads revealing important aspects of themselves. These cascading elements symbolize them, as in the headset representing Giovannina’s love for talking as she draws and paints, and Alice in Wonderland representing Barbara’s love for theatre and storytelling. Linking them together is their common Chinese Zodiac sign, the dragon.

The Gala opening and competitions took place on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 2015, 6:30 – 10 pm, at the Arta Gallery in the Toronto’s trendy Distillery District.

To view more of Giovannina’s work, check out our website!

Portrait of Barbara Spurll created by Giovannina Colalillo, Artist, Illustrator
© Giovannina Colalillo
Portrait of Giovannina Colalillo created by Barbara Spurll, Artist
© Barbara Spurll

PAUL “Cherchez le Franc” [iOS, Android + Product]

Mind Treat Studio produced an mobile app to make the trip to the bakery more than just sweets. Working under the direction of MRM, they launched PAUL’s first mobile campaign—“Cherchez le Franc”, stemming from their very popular “French Yourself” campaign. PAUL is a French family-owned bakery and patisserie that was founded in 1889. They own around 500 shops throughout in more than 27 countries. In the mobile application, users can collect French Francs located within neighborhoods present on a map. It can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store.

To see more from Mind Treat Studio, view our website! 


Project: ”Cherchez le Franc”
Client: Paul Romania
Ad Agency: MRM Romania
Design Studio: Mind Treat Studios
Android Development: mReady
Music: “Gypsy Dance” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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