Tradjenta’s 35 exercises by Jon Rogers

Woman walking and jumping over a period of timeMan walking to work from parking lotMan doing bicep curls

McCann Erickson, NYC looked to Jon Rogers distinctive comic touch for a series of exercises for Tradjenta’s consumer website. Targeting Tradjenta’s type 2 diabetes patients, each exercise depicts simple exercises that patients can do at home, with little or no equipment. Each day the Tradjenta site shows one of the 35 exercises and a description of how to do it.

3DI’s Cover Art for Taylor Anderson’s “Deadly Shores”


3DI Studio showed off their CGI war machine rendering abilities in Anderson’s 9th book in the best selling “Destroyermen” alternative book series. Anderson is currently working on the 10th book in the series, but pick up your copy of “Deadly Shores” today!

“Once Upon a Blue Moon” Cover art for Simon R Green Latest in the Blue Moon Saga

Mike Bryan_People_One Upon a Blue Moon_web

Mike Bryan’s unmistakable photo-imaging talents are featured on the cover of Simon R Green’s latest novel, “Once Upon a Blue Moon.”  Bryan has created cover arts for novels by Brandon Sanderson, Harry Turtledove, John Birmingham, and China Mievelle.

Royle’s Danger Girl “Mayday” Issue 1 Cover makes the SC100 show

John Royle_Comic_Danger Girl with Knife-Mayday Issue 1 Cover

IWD comic Danger Girl “Mayday” issue 1 was selected for the prestigious SC 100 show in London.

Congratulations to John Royle! His work  has put him  into the final 100 for the Showcase 100 project and his selected piece out of his submitted work will be part of the London exhibition and the SC100 publication.

Check out the Showcase100 website here 



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