SuperBowl Sunday is Underway!

With #SuperBowlXLVIII right around the corner, who do you think will take home the trophy? We’re getting in the spirt by remembering some great art work by AAReps own, Giovannina Colalillo!

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“Journey Where Your Dreams Are Made”

“Donde tus sueños se hacen viaje…..” reads the amazing promo photos made for the SALON INTERNACIONAL TURISMO, which is based out of Spain. The 26 second video located on the SIT’s website displays a stunning collage that is sure to make you want to journey where your dreams are made!

Credits go to AARep’s own, Anxo Amarelle! 





Jim Kemper UFC Portraits

Check out these amazing UFC portraits by Jim Kemper. You can see more photos at our website, or on our Flickr page!


UFC Fighter Portraits UFC Fighter Portraits UFC Fighter Portraits

In Honor of Throwback Thursday….

In 1987 when the original “RoboCop” was released, the world could not get enough of the crime-fighting hero. Well, on February 12th, the remake of “RoboCop” will be in theaters! So, in celebration of the release, we present a #ThrowbackThursday piece by AAReps own, Mike Bryan. Enjoy!



Bonnie Hofkin’s Sandwich Serenade

Bonnie Hofkin’s Sandwich Serenade!

Check out some of these amazing food photos by artist Bonnie Hofkin.

Chickpeas Baby_Spinch_Leaves Feta_Cheese Mini_Tomatoes Grilled_Chicken_Breast Red_Bell_Pepper Quizno_Mesquite Quizno_PrimeRib


8,000 CGI Rendered Post-it Notes Should Do It…..

Hill Holiday tapped Artistic Image to created this expansive train wrap for Cigna’s “Yes We Can” campaign to support Cigna’s 2014 health insurance coverage consumer campaign.   Using 8,000+ Post-it notes, Artistic Image built a file to cover the massive 125”H X 831.5”W commuter train.

Talent:  Artistic Image

Agency/Company:  HHCC

Client: Cigna Insurance






Art Producer: Jen Hall

Art Director/Sr. Designer: Adrianne Read

Creative Director: Rob Rich

Print Production Mgr.: David Majeau

Project Mgr: Jennifer Dodds



2 Animators Ghostery Explainer Video

2 Animators created “Everyone Loves Pizza” for Evidon’s “Ghostery “ to engage viewers and inform them of the benefits of the Ghostery Product.  Through December 2013, it’s had 40K+ views from the Ghostery website.

Ghostery is a free online browser that allows its users to view and block websites from tracking them.

Check out the video here:

Clients: Adam DeMartino, Mktg. Manager,  Jib Hunt, Dir. Mktg. Communications


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