Anxo “Follows the Sun” to the El Sol Festival

Anxo Amarelle was selected to add his unique CGI take to create a series of poster images for the Spanish Association of Advertising Communication Agencies (AEACP) “El Sol Festival”.  Since 1986 the festival brings together the Spanish advertising industry for a juried ceremony that award the year’s best campaigns.


John Hom Add’s Some “Snap, Crackle & Pop” to Kellogg’s FSI Ad

John Hom created this playful rendering to promote  Brands and Recipes page.  The Integer Group’s, Sze Lin Lee, designed and art directed the piece, which highlights Hom’s highly rendered Snap (Wizard), Crackle (Dracula) and Pop (Wolfman) surrounding photography of snacks made with Kellogg’s cereals that “…Go Crunch in the Night”.

John Hom Add's Some "Snap, Crackle & Pop" to FSI Ad

Jon Rogers “How to” Vector Diagrams for Beer Games Book

Our friends at Running Press, commissioned Jon Rogers to apply his “how to” vector diagram expertise and irreverent sense of humor for their new book The Sh*tfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior. Author, comedian Hog Wild, Covers topics like “The Misty Hyman Butterfly Swim”, “Beer Fencing” and “Shot Put”, & Rogers illustrations provide the muscle to drive this outrageous grouping of games.  The book release date is October 22, 2013, but per order your today!

Amart Shitfaced games artwork page 49 WES-FMKF00134 - © - Westend61

Tony Randazzo Architectural Cutaway for National Gypsum

Tony Randazzo created this cutaway and exterior building renderings to highlight National Gypsum’s wide array of fiberglass faced and paper faced industrial gypsum drywall products.

Using National Gypsum’s patented purple coloring, Randazzo created interior and exterior wall cutaway applications for National Gypsum’s full product line:

Interior Extreme® (abrasion resistant for high traffic areas, exp® Shaftliner (durable shaftliner), exp® Tile Backer exp® (high level of water resistance), exp® Sheathing, (superior exterior finishes), PermaBase® Cement Board, ProForm® & Ready Mix­­­ with Dust-Tech® (mold protection).




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