Quick Facts About “Danger Girl”

Take a look at John Royle’s newest illustrations for the “Danger Girl” comic book series.  The images below are a part of an ongoing award winning comic strip!

Don’t know much about this famous series? Here are some quick facts about “Danger Girl”:

  • The comic stars a group of female secret agents who were created in the likeness of “Bond Girls”.
  • The name “Danger Girl” does not refer to a single person, but a group of female secret agents who are headed by Adventurer Abbey Chase (below).
  • The female agents in this series are led by a former British secret service agent named Deuce.
  • Abbey Chase is described as a, “Champion marksman, virtuoso of languages, scholar of world history, and (most widely) a heart-stopping femme fatale”.

Danger Girl Danger Girl

Wine Labels by Illustrator Curt Walstead

One of our more whimsical illustrators, Curt Walstead, was approached by a small start up winery in Sonoma, California to illustrate their new wine labels. The winery wanted to experiment with a new fun approach to marketing their wines. Walstead made this vision a reality when he came up with the animated characters “Sniff” and “Swirl” pictured below.

So far the smiling animations have received an exceedingly positive response. Beginning with a  Zinfandel wine, they soon will be expanding into a Grenache Blanc with the second label. Bon Appétit!

Wine label by Curt Walstead sniff&swirl label2 wine label

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