Curt Walstead Animal Characters

Curt Walstead developed a series of lovely animated animal characters for Balcony 7 Media and Publishing for their Salty Splashes series of books.  He brought a lot of energy to all the characters that appear in the books.  To see more of his work please visit Curt Walstead’s site.


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Targeted: Deadly Ops series

Targeted is the first book of a new and exciting deadly ops series. It was written by the best selling author Katie Reus and photographed by Raffael Dickreuter.  Its exciting and thickening plot is filled with action and romance that will leave the audience wanting more.  Check it out for yourselves, on October 1, 2013 the book will be released!


Marcel Laverdet “Trompe L’Oeil” World Below NYC for Canon

360i New York, hired Marcel Laverdet to create a series of (5) five CGI “Trompe L’Oeil” scenes of the “World Below New York”, for installations around NYC on May 16th and 17th,to support Canon’s “BeReady”  campaign for it’s new series of Powershot cameras, that allow the user to upload  photos directly to their social media pages.

Canon Be Ready NYC Trompe L"Oeil Canon Be Ready NYC Trompe L"Oeil

Marlin Art Direction- Toll Booth Cartoon

How many of us can relate to this hilarious toll booth cartoon created by Ricardo Galvao?  It depicts the typical toll booth situation that most of us encounter daily.  Cars going every which way due to the confusing signs, causing total chaos. We can say we have certainly been there!  This cartoon is a platform for companies to get an idea on how to help improve their customer service.  Want to see more of his work? Visit Ricardo Galvao on our site.

Highway exit

Keith Batcheller Showing at the Pentagon

Check it out! Keith Batcheller was selected for inclusion in the prestigious Air Force Art Show; what an honor!  This is just one of five of his paintings that you can view in the Pentagon’s common area until Spring 2014.  Interested in seeing more of his work? Check him out on our website, Keith Batcheller.


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