Storm Surge! Studio 3DI continues it’s great work for the Destroyermen saga

Taylor Anderon’s new book, Storm Surge, is right around the corner and Studio 3DI created the latest book cover for them. The book with be released July 3, 2013. Be sure to check out more of Studio 3DI’s work HERE!


Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up!

British TV personality and registered doctor, Christian Jessen, will be releasing a new book this May. Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up will feature a no-nonsense “bible” for adolescents and teenagers looking to better understand puberty, sex, and healthy eating. Dr. Jessen grew up in London and earned his degree from University College London. He holds a MSc in sexual health, and studied HIV and malaria for two years in Kenya and Uganda. David Semple was commissioned to create the cover and artwork for the book. digitalized Jessen into a fun cartoon character and mixes that up with real photographs of Jessen throughout the book. Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up comes out on May 2.


Jerry Lofaro’s Poster for Earth Day.

For Earth Day, Jerry Lofaro made this awesome poster filled with all of our favorite feral cats!

Danger Girl

Check out John Royle’s illustration of “Danger Girl.”  This action packed super hero is part of an ongoing award winning comic strip.

Mike Bryan’s Photo-Imaging Cover Art for David Gibbin’s “Pharaoh”

Digital Artist Mike Bryan made the book cover for David Gibbin’s new book, Pharaoh. Gibbins, who is a marine archaeologist by day and a bestselling novelist by night is a major history buff and loves to incorporate his line of work into the novels he writes. His new book, Pharaoh, leaves it up to a marine archaeologist (sound familiar?) to solve the history behind a strange series of suicides by a pharaoh and his army.

Comic Strips by Ricardo Galvao!

We’ve got some more funny images from artist Ricardo Galvao. From a jury of Facebookers to snakes on a plane, Galvao is creating comics out of any weird current event that you may have heard of in the past.

And here’s the actual video:

Night At The Ballroom

Kevin Micheal Schmitz just finished a brilliant film noir style fashion shoot for LA Fashion Magazine. The photographs were taken inside a beautiful ballroom at The Palmer House Hilton.

Land Rover Classic Print Ads With a Modern Twist.

Marketers are looking to new (or should I say old) methods of getting their product seen. Land Rover is celebrating its 65th anniversary by doing something a little different for their advertising campaign. Artist Garth Glazier was commissioned by Land Rover to create a series of print ads that are reminiscent of the classic ads from the 50’s, but with a modern twist.

This one is the original print ad from a land Rover campaign back in the 1950’s.
This one is the original print ad from a Land Rover campaign back in the 1950’s.
Glazier did a fantastic job in drawing the new Land Rover Evoque for their latest campaign.

Ricardo Galvão’s Cashier Comics

Being a cashier can be a boring job. Working the graveyard shift at a supermarket usually yields little to no customers all night. The gentlemen and hero of Ricardo Galvão’s new comic series loves reading about current events, and each time he does he envisions the entire scenario! Here are a couple of images from the series so far!


Let us know what you think. We’ll be posting plenty more in the coming weeks!

Pamela Hamilton’s Fun Children Images

Here we have a display of a variety of Pamela Hamilton’s images.  Her work consists of light hearted fun images for children’s books.  Like what you see? Check out more of her images here Pamela Hamilton.

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