Incredible New Works by Geo Parkin!

Geo Parkin recently sent us some of his new illustrations, and we loved every single one of them! Creative, compelling and humorous, Geo’s work hits all the right points. Here’s a few of our favorites!

Safety Poster for the Marlin Art Direction

How hilarious is this safety poster made by Curt Walstead? It’s part of an ongoing campaign of safety posters for the Marlin Company.  She seems pretty overwhelmed by the lack of efficiency and sufficient customer service.  I think we can all relate to how frustrating automated systems can be; sometimes you just want to hear an actual voice!

Studio 3DI’s work with Color Guard

The folks at Studio 3DI are masters at creating realistic and compelling 3d landscape images for their clients. This architectural representation of a house has been created entirely out of the computer. It was done for Color Gaurd Railing Systems. Below you can see the piece done by Sutdio 3DI with all you need to know about owning a home with Color Guard.

A Healthy Doctor is a Better Doctor

Garth Glazier created these illustrations for the Johns Hopkins Health System and Dome Magazine. Part of a new pledge now signed by more than 400 practicing and future doctors to practice what they preach: a healthy and active lifestyle. The images below depict a photo realistic doctor on a bike and a composition of healthy habits and doctor-related items.

Randazzo Retro Ford Motorcraft Neon

Tony Randazzo took a trip down Route 66, to create this digital vintage neon sign for Ford Motorcraft via Team Detroit.  Pretty interesting and colorful advertisement for motorcraft parts if you ask me!  To see more of his work, visit him on our website at



New Illustrations by Bonnie Hofkin

Fine Artist Bonnie Hofkin Made a new illustration for Terminix highlighting fifteen inspection points on home exteriors.

1.Cracks in wood trim 9.Fasica boards
2.Cracks in wood shingles 10.Exterior trim boards
3.Attic vents 11.Exposed rafter tails
4.Under eaves 12.Soffit area in attic

5.Door/Window frames 13.Exposed deck timbers
6.Wood furniture 14.Crawlspace/Basement
7.Bottom of door frames 15.Attic gables
8.Bottom of wood columns

Powerhouse Animation Studios Launches Their Attack On 3D Animation

Powerhouse Animation Studios just launched their new website,, in an attempt to fight the evil Z-Axis (3D animation) which they have now been battling for over 12 years.


Here’s a video from their website. Definitely made me like 2D art more than I already do…





Anxo Ameralle’s Recwind

Anxo Ameralle’s Recwind studio is showing off some of their latest texture logo designs.  The tags make the logo designs look like jeans and denim, pretty neat! To see more of his work check him out on our site at



Mike Bryan was commissioned to do the cover of Steelheart as part of an action packed trilogy.  The author, Brandon Sanderson also wrote the international bestselling Mistborn trilogy.  Steelheart is the first book of the series; to learn more about the author and his work visit or check him out on our site at

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