PGK Creates Virtual TicTacs for New Product Launch

Blua hired PGK Studio to create virtual CGI product renderings of Ferraro’s latest TicTac flavour offerings.  Product renderings will be utilized across all media platforms, including the web. Look for PGK’s TicTac product animations coming soon, and feel free to check out the PGK studio at




What does a pill do after you swallow it?


Craig Zuckerman created this image of a pill dissolving into the small intestines and then being absorbed into the bloodstream. He uses Adobe Illustrator to attain the desired effects of his images.

Check out more of Craig’s work at

Raffael hits the Red Carpet at the “Globes”

Our favorite Swiss photographer/designer Raffael Dickreuter hit the red carpet at last Sunday’s Golden Globes. Check out his candid, funny blog post with numerous photos of the stars in action. Raffael looks great in the tux-  he fits right in!

John Royle does his Danger Girl sketches on a coffee table.

That’s right.  John Royle is working on some new Danger Girl / G I Joe sketches for a limited Special Edition Hardback comic book release of Danger Girl by Publisher IDW.


Here are a couple of John’s finished Danger Girl illustrations

Be sure to check out John Royle’s American Artists profile on

Kevin Michael Schmitz’s Adventure in Istanbul

Kevin Michael Scmitz recently returned from shooting for an italian magazine in Istanbul.  He photographed this image at a 1500 year old Byzantine Palace on the Bosphorus in the rain.  Shortly after shooting this he went to the ER where he nearly went into septic shock from getting sick from the Turkish food! Quite an adventure, but well worth the priceless images!  To see more of his work visit 


3D Cartoons on Realistic Backdrops by Albert Gruswitz


Albert Gruswitz created these awesome 3D images with realistic backdrops and vivid fantasy scenes to boot. On top of that, Albert has been selected by Lüezer’s International Archive to be in this year’s 200 Best Digital Artists Annual.


Kevin Michael Schmitz’s Adventure in Istanbul


Kevin Schmitz took this beautiful fashion shot during his trip to Istanbul for an Italian Magazine. “Shortly after shooting this I went to the ER where I nearly went into septic shock from getting sick from the Turkish food,” Kevin said.

The photograph was taken at a 1500 year old Byzantine Palace on the Bosphorous during a rainstorm.

See more of Kevin’s work on his website at:

Fun Christmas cards by artist Terrance Gayler

Terrance gaylor made this F/C illustration of santa struggling to come down a fireplace. This would make a great Christmas card!

More of his work at: 

The Tortoise and the Hare


Mike Jaroszko depicts the classic Tortoise and Hare story  to highlight conservative investment strategy. The artwork was done as oil paintings, merging the classical way of painting with the high-tech look of the website. For more information use the following links for Mike Jaroszko

Is there a doctor in the house? Bill Garland’s amazing tongue and cheek of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Artist Bill Garland created this amazing and hilarious painting of Norman Rockwell’s “Thanksgiving” for Dome Magazine. The oil painting depicts the family having a very normal Thanksgiving dinner, except for the fact that the man and all ten of his children are actually doctors.

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