Cool logo work for MSC by Tony Randazzo

Tony Randazzo created this “icey” version of to support MSC’s Mediterranean Shipping Company) new enhanced frozen-cargo reefer shipping service.

“WE ARE COOL” Ice logo rendering for MSC by Tony Randazzo


Royle is still “Dangerous” for Danger Girl Issue #3

John Royle’s popular Danger Girl/GI Joe comic mini-series continues to win over critics and fans alike.  Here’s an interview on popular comic/ movie website aint it cool for the series 

This is just a funny youtube review, there’s a number of these too, this one made me laugh as he loves the book so much. ‘Phenomenal!’

Here’s a link to John’s work on our site, be sure to check it out at 

Andrew Painter: “Man’s Best Friend”

Andrew Painter put his unique character take for this upcoming project in development for Mark Jones Productions.  Be on the lookout for more updates on this exciting project in 2013!  To see more of Andrew’s character development click here

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#3DI goes Micro for Nitromites

Goodwin commissioned 3DI studio to create the key packaging art to launch Zag Toys “Nitromites” line of toys;

Two boxed playsets “Rockin’ Rebound Stunt Set” & “Two Intense Track Set” & Two boxed bike products “Series 1- Hammer Down” & “Marvel Series 1- Heroes & Villains”

Problem?: How to create packaging without actual toy products to work from? Nitromites was a new product to launch, and the product was still in production development at the onset of the packaging assignment.

Solution: Working from CAD data, 3DI developed grayscale renderings of product, with bikes in action, playset features, etc, & dropped into a rough composited image of the environment for feedback and approval.  After approval of the grayscale renders 3DI created positional low-resolution F/C version for feedback. Lastly, they created layered full-color high resolution images for the final packaging executions.

Mike Bryan’s Total Recall for Columbia Pictures

Mike Bryan created a series of images for the Columbia Picture’s Total Recall remake in 1990, starring Colin Farrel, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale.

Radio Flyer “Takes Flight” with Artistic Image

Leader Enterprises hires Artistic Image to create broadcast commercials for Radio Flyer to launch it new scooter designs “Shockwave” aimed at boys and “Groove Glider” aimed at girls 

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