McKelvey illustrates for the newest TMNT toy line

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back! When Viacom purchased TMNT property and hired Michael Bay to relaunch the iconic 1980s TV show, lead toy licensee Playmates Toys was faced with a challenge to put a new spin on their toy packaging. Playmates turned to artist Shawn McKelvey to put his unique exaggerated-perspective character rendering ability to the project. McKelvey’s 2D illustration style is making the recent TMNT line exciting for Turtle’s newest fan base. The latest toy line includes “Rippin Rider”, “Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard”, “Shell Raiser”. The renderings enabled Playmates Toys to capture the excitement of the refreshed TV show for each toy package.

TMNT Donatello riding the high-tech bike

Final product for “Rippin Rider”

The Turtles riding the car

Final Product for “Shell Raiser”

TMNT Michelangelo riding the skateboard

Final Product for “Sewer Spinnin’ Skateboard”

3DI Studio creates cover for New York Times bestselling author

3DI Studio has created the cover for Clive Clusser’s new book in the Fargo Adventure series. Under a compressed timeline of 5 days until the book’s production release, publisher Penguin USA needed a cover that defined the Fargo Adventure series. As a result, 3DI created a CGI rendering of “The Tombs” with moody lighting and bullet riddled crates of gold and jewels. The final CGI image was created by rendering multiple separate images that were composed in Adobe Photoshop. This illustration really captures the “heart-pounding” action and suspense that Clusser showcases in his book.

The New York Times bestselling author’s highly anticipated new book will be released on September 4th, 2012. Pre-order the hardcover here!

Randazzo illustrates Entertainment System for exceptional sound

Here is a black and white illustration done by Tony Randazzo. This sketch depicts an upscale Home Entertainment Center using the latest technology available from UK company Cornflake. The Infographic/technical design of the drawing showcases the best way your music, movies, and TV shows can give you a “spine-tingling sound” and “jaw-dropping pictures”.

See how a power plant works

F/C illustration depicting a power plant. Tony Randazzo‘s illustration shows how the different components of the power plant work together. Randazzo created this for General Electric.

Amazing Iron Man and Spiderman car designs

Hey comic lovers, how cool are these color illustrations of cars based on the characters Iron Man and Spiderman. There was also a little bit of inspiration from the movie Tron. These designs were created by Tony Randazzo for Tech 4 Kids, a company that markets and manufactures children’s toys. It would be amazing to see these cars on the streets some day!

See more of Tony Randazzo’s work here

“Miami Heat” Swimwear Shoot by Kevin Michael Schmitz

LA Fashion Magazine’s August Issue features Kevin Schmitz, who shot a swimwear spread showcasing the designs of Kandy Wrappers & Natalya Toporova. The issue has over 40 pages of the hottest swimwear and bikini lines of 2013. The shoot was taken at several locations, including the Bekins Estate which has the picturesque Pasadena Hills as a backdrop. Schmitz’s shoot consisted of models from elite agencies such as Wilhelmina and Brand. Even though this is only LA Fashion Magazine’s third print publication, they will start releasing monthly editions in October for print and digital platforms.

Royle asked by The Royal Mail to illustrate Olympic stamp

John Royle has created a stamp for the 2012 London Olympics. Royle said he was “excited and honored to be asked to illustrate a stamp for the London Olympic Games by the Royal Mail.”  The Royal Mail is the government-owned postal service of the United Kingdom.

Royle gets “Dangerous” with Danger Girl & GI Joe for IDW Comics

New five(5) issue mini series called Danger Girl / G.I. Joe published by IDW Publishing. First issue is on sale now!

Check out more of John Royle’s work here


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