illustrations of children’s diseases

Craig Zuckerman was commissioned to do a series of  illustrations depicting various types of children’s diseases for Nemours, a children’s health system. These  two images depict cases of chicken pox and urinary track infection.

Driving slowly enough for conditions

Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do an illustration for a new safety poster called “Driving slowly enough for conditions”, depicting a delivery van sliding on wet leaves strewn along pavement in a surburban neighborhood, while children are crossing the road, for the Marlin Company

Is It Christmas time already? Happy Thanksgiving

Mike Bryan did a promotional poster billboard for the newest Christmas movie coming out on Thanksgiving day


Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do two paintings for a safety poster, “circumstances can change in a split second”, depicting a delivery truck backing up to a parking space when suddenly a women pushing a carriage with twins is coming off the curb, right into it’s path, realizing in horror that the truck driver has not seen her. The poster art was done for The Marlin company.


Rail Sea

Mike Bryan was commissioned to do the cover art for the new book of the well known science fiction author China Mieville. The story takes us to a world where the seas have dried up. The book is published by Random House

Artistic Image Gets “Twisted” For Mattel

Artistic Image created this CGI rendering of the Tyco RC Classic “Terrain Twister” for Mattel. Working on a compressed 4 day timeline, Artistic Image rebuilt the CGI model from product scans, and client photos. Once the model was approved they provided a series of grayscale renderings to receive final sign-off for exact camera angle for the vehicle. Finally they delivered a fully layered Photoshop file with the rendered the vehicle  and modeled CGI track composited into the photographicwater and landscape.

International Women’s day

Giovannina Colalillo was approached by the Ontario Federation of Labor to do a poster for International Women’s Day. This year’s theme and concept was to have women helping other women.


Mike Bryan did three concept art images for the film promotion launch of the new movie Immortals

Napoleon’s portrait

Michael Jaroszko was commissioned to do a portrait as a take off on one of Napoleon’s portraits. the painting was done for a client in the U.K.

Stingray’s spy work at the racetrack

Here is another Stingray artwork by Michael Jaroszko showing Stingray spying on a couple at a horse race track for Grand Parade Betting magazine

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