Dinner Time

Adweek, a weekly magazine about advertising news, commissioned  Bill Garland to do a painting with a retro look, of a family having dinner dressed as chefs for their  special issue on food


Three Portraits Of Interest

Garth Glazier did three portraits for the website created for Grand Parade as well as all the illustrations for their home page

Three Kings


Mike Jaroszko did an illustration of the “Three Kings,” for a series of religious cards.

Stingray’s time at the bar

Mike Jaroszko did an illustration of a bar scene depicting “Stingray”  a character developed for the U.K. based betting magazine “Close Up”


Distractions, Distractions

Tony Randazzo did an illustration for a safety poster showing the danger of text messaging for the Merlin Company

Life in the Wilderness

Bill Garland did several  illustrations about life in the wilderness for Texas Monthly Magazine.

Hospital Checkout

Garth Glazier did a set of still life illustrations for Johns Hopkins Hospital “Guide for International Patients” brochure

illustrations of the chest, heart and lungs



Garth Glazier did several illustrations for Johns Hopkins Hospital special comprehensive transplant brochure

Vector Tsunami for Coors Light

Jon Rogers created this ode to Hokusai’s “Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa,” for Coors Light T-Shirt promotion. Rogers had to muster all of his Vector rendering skills to create the image within the narrow production limitations,that limited the color palette,tonality and gradients. 



Home Sweet Home




  Garth Glazier was commissioned Johns Hopkins hospital to do an illustration that would come across as needle point work for their magazine about “Medical Home”






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