Holiday Gifts Of Appreciation For Your Teachers





Jerry LoFaro did this winter landscape scene with ginger bread house for the cover of “Holiday Gifts of Appreciation for your Teachers”, one of the catalogues for Positive Promotions.

Employee Recognition Week at John Hopkins



Giovannina Colalillo was commissioned by John Hopkins Health System to do an illustration for their “Employee Recognition Week” poster depicting all the different areas of their work.

Liver Studies

Bonnie Hofkin was commissioned to do a stylistic medical montage of the liver that conveys the disease and the treatment for the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. This illustration was used on a post graduate course syllabus cover.


Radiation Therapist Magazine Cover

Bonnie Hofkin has created yet another piece for a magazine. This time around, she has designed the cover illustration for Radiation therapist, an official scholarly journal of the ASRT. The illustration, shown above will be released in one of the magazine’s semi-annual publications (for the fall issue).



Spring Breeding

The right of Spring/Spring Breeding, since the beginning of times. Bob Wakelin was commissioned by FHM Magazine to bring it to life in a fun way.

The Earth’s 13 Epochs

Alan Male is currently working on (writing and illustrating) a 32 page book on the Earth’s 13 epochs in sequence. The image above represents the Carboniferous.


Catholic Health Association helps children

The Catholic Health Association is a non-profit organization that deals with health problems. Illustrations by Bonnie Hofkin, as featured in Health Progress Magazine in a special issue about kids health.


One year away from perfection

How many times do you say you are going to do something and never end up going through with it? Everybody has more things that they want to do than they have time to do. Jon Rogers uses a seven page spread of pixel art illustrations and provides some quick tips on how to actually get things done, as feature in the September issue of FHM.

Rugby World Cup 2011





You’ve all been waiting for it, and tomorrow The Rugby World Cup of 2011 finally begins! John Royle captures some of the stars for FHM’s October issue. The Cup will last until October 23rd and take place in several New Zealand cities including Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Napier and New Plymouth. Teams from all around the world will be competing representing their countries, doing whatever it takes to lead their team to victory. May the best team win!

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