Hofkin goes “Renaissance” for Pretzel M&M’s


Bonnie Hofkin created this playful recreation of DaVinci’s classic “Vitruvian Man” for BBDO, NY to support the new M&M’s Pretzels Vitruvian Man Facebook page.

Chromosome Video for Health Care Industry

Medical artist, William Graham and CBS Digital have created “Chromosome,” a new animation that depicts a living chromosome in motion.  This project was a joint venture between Graham Studios and CBS Digital to produce animations for the health care industry.  Check out the entire video here on Graham’s Vimeo.

Powerhouse Animation Creates Yogurt Commercial

Powerhouse Animation and AnimationsFabrik teamed up to create the commercial for Ehrmann’s Monster Backe yogurt.  Check out the fun cartoon commercial here, which features a green lizard monster bearing yogurt!

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