Disney Resort Thank You Cards

AA Reps artist Keith Batcheller just completed this artwork, displayed above, for a Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  The artwork will be featured as thank you cards for the resort’s guests.  The illustrations were completed in water color style, as well as computer animation for Mickey Mouse’s hand (left).

Artwork for New Medical Innovation

Acute Innovations has recently designed RibLoc, a system of repairing broken ribs through implants and instruments.  To help introduce their design, Acute Innovations contacted us to create the artwork for their promotions.  Bonnie Hofkin created the medical artwork, featured above, which displays a cutaway of how the innovation works.  Check out Acute Innovation’s website here for more information.

Fire Prevention Week Promotion

Fire Prevention Week is celebrated every October and educates children on the dangers of fire and what to do in the event of a fire.  Positive Promotions produces and sells products relating to fire prevention, including books and stationery.  This year, artist Garth Glazier has created an illustration (shown above) which will be featured in a Positive Promotions catalogue.

Radiation Therapist Magazine Cover

Bonnie Hofkin has created yet another piece for a magazine.  This time around, she has designed the cover illustration for Radiation Therapist, an official scholarly journal of the ASRT.  The illustration, shown above, will be released in one of the magazine’s semi-annual publications.

Empire Magazine Illustrations

Empire Magazine, a British film magazine, recently contacted us to create fun images of a shark and a piranha for a movie-related feature.  Artist Bonnie Hofkin designed the two illustrations (featured above), which show cutaways of their stomachs.

Saying Goodbye to Harry Potter in Stipple Portraits

Since the debut of the Harry Potter movies in 2001, artist Randy Glass has been creating these stipple portraits of actor Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.  Seeing as today (technically, midnight) marks the official release of the final Harry Potter movie, we only saw it fitting to feature this artwork.  The portraits, as well as the seventh and final one, can be seen here in the Wall Street Journal.

Kevin Michael Schmitz Shoots The Master of the Mix for Smirnoff Coconut

Photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz shot this POP piece for Smirnoff Coconut’ Master of the Mix, featuring celebrity mixologist Alex Miranda.  The ad was shot for Colangelo Synergy Marketing Group.  The video here provides an insider’s eye to the seamless chemistry of the shoot.

LoJack 25th Anniversary

 3DI Studio recently completed this design for LoJack.  The company, which specializes in stolen vehicle recovery, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Therefore, they chose 3DI Studio to create the artwork for their website to commemorate their quarter century in business, which can be seen here.

The Pirate Handbook

Thinking of a new career path?  Intrigued by a life of danger and fortune?  Perhaps you should try becoming a pirate, with the help of Pat Croce’s new book “The Pirate Handbook,” of course.  Croce teaches you everything you need to know about the pirating trade, how to survive a duel, and the pirate codes to abide by.  Alongside his tips are also illustrations created by own very own Dave Hopkins. 

The Moustache Grower’s Guide









Guys, ever wonder how to grow the perfect Fu Manchu mustache?  Or is the Lenin more your style?  Whatever mustache you’re looking to grow, author Lucien Edwards has described exactly how to do so in his new book The Moustache Grower’s Guide, from how to groom it, who wore it, and how to wear it.  Our artist, Dave Hopkins, designed and created all the illustrations, a few of which can be seen above.  So to all mustache enthusiasts, we suggest heading straight to the bookstore to pick this one up.

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