‘Beary’ playful springtime campaign


Who wouldn’t love receiving this picture in their mailbox this spring?  Marcel Laverdet, one of our artists here at AAReps, designed and created this fun-loving illustration for a direct mail campaign.  Tell us what you think!

Artwork for Tide’s Funky Retro Packaging


In an effort to boost sales, Tide has decided to revamp its packaging by bringing back its vintage label.  Proctor & Gamble contacted us here at AAReps to develop the artwork for this new packaging.  Eric Cash, one of our artists, created the design, which you can see here.

May 2011 Newsletter



Brr! A January swimsuit shoot… in Minnesota?  Check out our May 2011 Newsletter featuring Frank Neidhardt’s work for Coors Light! Frank used photo imaging to create this sunny setting without even needing to leave the office.

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