Francesco Favero 2d Animations for the Scholastic learning English eBook

Franceco Favero using using Adobe Illustrator & After Effects, he created these 2D isometric animations for Scholastic’s animated ESL eBook.

Topics Included:

Traveling for holidayWhat rooms has the house got


Modern-Day DaVinci

One of the artists we represent, Bonnie Hofkin, is a very multi-faceted artist. She can illustrate in many styles, but we usually need her for her more realistic, “quick-sketch” drawings, that happen to look a lot like the anatomical and technical drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. Recently, the Balvenie, a range of single malts crafted by Malt Master David Stewart, contacted us looking for someone with a style like Bonnie’s. They host an annual craft show that tours around the United States.


Bonnie Hofkin Balvenie Craft Image 2x Per pageBonnie Hofkin Balvenie Craft Image 2x Per page Bonnie’s ability to create detailed yet rudimentary drawings intrigued the Balvenie, and they ended up using her original drawings of the pieces of a bicycle and the assembly of a guitar as  the backdrop of the festival’s landing page (seen above). The craft festival itself has quite a roster of impressive artisans and unique products, from surfboards and sandals to chairs and suits. We were lucky to have Bonnie on our team for this project! She did an excellent job.

Ask Professor Iamstein!

Working with moodboard designs and scripts from Saatchi NYC, the talented team at Powerhouse Animation created “Professor Iamstein,” a pet food scientist and connoisseur. He is going to host five animated videos on the IAMS YouTube channel and educate the masses on the most common questions pet owners have about the animals they care for and love.

Powerhouse was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the creative team at premiere ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi NY on their animated campaign for IAMS pet food. The designs and scripts we received from the Saatchi team gave us a great sense of what style they were hoping to achieve with these short videos, and the Powerhouse team enjoyed bringing this vision to life. They did a great job!

Haven’t you ever wondered…

What Makes a Cat Fat

Because my cat is looking rather rotund lately.

Or how about this? Does this notion ever cross your mind when your dog sits next to you and intensely stares as you eat your bacon burger?

Why Do Dogs Create Meat

We certainly wonder about this.

Plus, extending the lives of our furry friends is high on our list of priorities. Let’s figure out how to do that!


If you share these questions with us, why not find out the answers at ? Professor Iamstein will tell you everything you need to know about your pets.

Royle’s Danger Girl “Mayday” Issue 1 Cover makes the SC100 show

John Royle_Comic_Danger Girl with Knife-Mayday Issue 1 Cover

IWD comic Danger Girl “Mayday” issue 1 was selected for the prestigious SC 100 show in London.

Congratulations to John Royle! His work  has put him  into the final 100 for the Showcase 100 project and his selected piece out of his submitted work will be part of the London exhibition and the SC100 publication.

Check out the Showcase100 website here 



SuperBowl Sunday is Underway!

With #SuperBowlXLVIII right around the corner, who do you think will take home the trophy? We’re getting in the spirt by remembering some great art work by AAReps own, Giovannina Colalillo!

#Art   #Cartoon   #Football   #AAReps

Sports football through ti

2 Animators Ghostery Explainer Video

2 Animators created “Everyone Loves Pizza” for Evidon’s “Ghostery “ to engage viewers and inform them of the benefits of the Ghostery Product.  Through December 2013, it’s had 40K+ views from the Ghostery website.

Ghostery is a free online browser that allows its users to view and block websites from tracking them.

Check out the video here:

Clients: Adam DeMartino, Mktg. Manager,  Jib Hunt, Dir. Mktg. Communications


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