Jerry LoFaro Cracks Easter Eggs with Chester Cheetah for Cheetos!


Jerry LoFaro Cracks Easter Eggs with Chester Cheetah for Cheetos!

The Marketing Arm commissioned Jerry LoFaro along with Art Director Linda Snorina, and Senior Print Producer Tish Marroquin, to create a series of advertisements for Cheetos Egg Confetti. These renderings of brightly decorated Easter eggs, flying colored confetti, and the iconic Chester Cheetah were used on a series of POS, Packaging, promotional and the Web. check it out! —->

See more of his work here!

Scrabble Jr. International Edition!

One of AA Reps Artists, Rick Grayson worked closely with Ninette Wood at Mattel’s Games division to create a line look for Mattel’s International relaunch of Scrabble Jr!

Working off of the original board templates, Rick created over 160 unique board icons for countries all over the world including: Brazil, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, and Spain!

The icons featured are only some of about 160 we created for each countries board, all were 3-4 letter words, and unique to each board tumblr_n3vh6w64PD1rw9tsqo2_500tumblr_n3vh6w64PD1rw9tsqo1_500


Studio Liddell Develops CGI Animation for WastAway

WastAway, a well-known recycling installation and technology company, teamed up with our very own Studio Liddell to create an animation that will recreate the process of a two-line WastAway recycling facility. Studio Liddell uses its style of realistic industrial animation to create an amazing two-minute video.

Check it out here.

Services:  CGI Modeling, Lighting, Rigging, Post-Production (VFX, SFX)


Wednesday’s Featured Artist: Jerry LoFaro

Jerry LoFaro is a man of many artistic styles. With over 25 years of experience in his field, Jerry LoFaro has established a name for his hard work and his unique brand. Take a look at just some of the different work styles LoFaro has done below.

You can also check out more of his work on our direct site at, or on our Flckr!

jerry-lofaro-celestial-seasonings-surreal-package-art_Hat revise 7-13

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JL_Aflac Long Island Iced Tea Martini & Manhattan

Grapefruit 11-4-08

At Home With Color Guard Railing Systems

 Color Guard Railing Systems:

  • Designs to fit the style of your environment
  • Easy installation that homeowners and contractors appreciate
  • All straight and stair rails are aluminum reinforced
  • Concelaed stainless steel fasteners
  • Completely tested and code approved
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

No product needs less maintenance than vinyl railing. Color Guard porch and deck railing systems are quick and easy to install, even if you are aren’t a pro. A simple process, ezTECH Installation ensures that your railing is secure and durable, while meeting stringent international building codes. A wide range of accessories allows for a complete customized installation.  With a freshly painted look year after year, Color Guard leaves you with more free time to enjoy! Railing is so much more than decoration. Take comfort in knowing they have perfected this product with your family’s safety in mind!

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