Say What's Up to The World of Mardo!

We are proud to show you our newest artist, Mardo El-Noor! Using the name World of Mardo, the talented El-Noor transforms inspirational quotes, common notions, and quirky messages into bold works of art. With its creative designs, colors, imagery, and patterns, the work is multi-faceted, interesting, and occasionally hilarious. The uniqueness of the pieces renders them quite unlike anything we’ve seen. Drawing from cubism, art-deco, graffiti, minimalism, abstract expressionist paint-splattering, and more, the World of Mardo is original and whimsical, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. You go, Mardo. Check out some more of World of Mardo’s fantastic work on our new website,! ©Mardo El-Noor ©Mardo El-Noor ©Mardo El-Noor ©Mardo El-Noor

May 2011 Newsletter



Brr! A January swimsuit shoot… in Minnesota?  Check out our May 2011 Newsletter featuring Frank Neidhardt’s work for Coors Light! Frank used photo imaging to create this sunny setting without even needing to leave the office.

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