The Moustache Grower’s Guide









Guys, ever wonder how to grow the perfect Fu Manchu mustache?  Or is the Lenin more your style?  Whatever mustache you’re looking to grow, author Lucien Edwards has described exactly how to do so in his new book The Moustache Grower’s Guide, from how to groom it, who wore it, and how to wear it.  Our artist, Dave Hopkins, designed and created all the illustrations, a few of which can be seen above.  So to all mustache enthusiasts, we suggest heading straight to the bookstore to pick this one up.

V.K. Nagrani’s New Website







One of our recent clients was V.K. Nagrani, a luxury men’s hosiery and underwear manufacturer. Unlike many luxury brands with super modern illustration on their websites, V.K. Nagrani wanted several illustrations to give their website and online store a retro 1940’s/1950’s look. Our artist, Bill Garland, did the illustrations featured on all the pages of the website, which can be found here. It is a nice departure from many other high-end clothing stores advertising campaigns. What do you think?

“Who’s the Man”

FHM Magazine’s February issue, published in the United Kingdom, contained an article titled “Who’s the Man”. The article focused on what characteristics truly define what a man is today. One of our artists, Chad McCown, produced 20 illustrations of different professions for the article, with celebrities heads superimposed upon the illustrations.

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