The Wall Street Journal featuring Giovannina Colalillo

Kris Areche at the Wall Street Journal looked to Giovannina for her unique conceptual perspective to accompany an article describing the push for Medicare recipients to move to the Medicare Advantage Plan (a PPO System) from traditional fee-for-service Medicare. 

Bonnie Hofkin Adds Form and Function to the Hospital for Special Surgery AR

Bonnie Hofkin Adds Form and Function to the Hospital for Special Surgery AR

Bonnie Hofkin is well known for her many different art forms, one being her unique medical sketches and drawings. Most recently, Hofkin created some amazing detailed illustrations of the human body for the Hospital for Special Surgery. The HSS featured Hofkin’s drawings in their annual report brochure, located on their official website.

The HSS specializes in many different kinds of surgeries such as Joint Replacement, Spine, Foot & Ankle, Sports Medicine and Shoulder & Limb Lengthening, Hand and Upper Extremity, Metabolic Bone Disease/Oncology, just to name a few. You can find out more information by clicking the link below.   

The HSS Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 2012-2013 Annual Report 
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What does a pill do after you swallow it?


Craig Zuckerman created this image of a pill dissolving into the small intestines and then being absorbed into the bloodstream. He uses Adobe Illustrator to attain the desired effects of his images.

Check out more of Craig’s work at

illustrations of children’s diseases

Craig Zuckerman was commissioned to do a series of  illustrations depicting various types of children’s diseases for Nemours, a children’s health system. These  two images depict cases of chicken pox and urinary track infection.

Chromosome Video for Health Care Industry

Medical artist, William Graham and CBS Digital have created “Chromosome,” a new animation that depicts a living chromosome in motion.  This project was a joint venture between Graham Studios and CBS Digital to produce animations for the health care industry.  Check out the entire video here on Graham’s Vimeo.

Artwork for New Medical Innovation

Acute Innovations has recently designed RibLoc, a system of repairing broken ribs through implants and instruments.  To help introduce their design, Acute Innovations contacted us to create the artwork for their promotions.  Bonnie Hofkin created the medical artwork, featured above, which displays a cutaway of how the innovation works.  Check out Acute Innovation’s website here for more information.

Radiation Therapist Magazine Cover

Bonnie Hofkin has created yet another piece for a magazine.  This time around, she has designed the cover illustration for Radiation Therapist, an official scholarly journal of the ASRT.  The illustration, shown above, will be released in one of the magazine’s semi-annual publications.

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