Artistic Image Does Promo Ad for Luxury Automobile Brand Jaguar

Artistic Image Does Promo Ad for Luxury Automobile Brand Jaguar 

The luxury automobile brand Jaguar and AAReps own Artistic Image has teamed up to release a sleek new promotional ad for the Jaguar X250 XF Saloon, one of their newest brand of cars. Check out the stylish car in the promo ad below: 

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Land Rover Classic Print Ads With a Modern Twist.

Marketers are looking to new (or should I say old) methods of getting their product seen. Land Rover is celebrating its 65th anniversary by doing something a little different for their advertising campaign. Artist Garth Glazier was commissioned by Land Rover to create a series of print ads that are reminiscent of the classic ads from the 50’s, but with a modern twist.

This one is the original print ad from a land Rover campaign back in the 1950’s.
This one is the original print ad from a Land Rover campaign back in the 1950’s.
Glazier did a fantastic job in drawing the new Land Rover Evoque for their latest campaign.

Artistic Image Gets “Twisted” For Mattel

Artistic Image created this CGI rendering of the Tyco RC Classic “Terrain Twister” for Mattel. Working on a compressed 4 day timeline, Artistic Image rebuilt the CGI model from product scans, and client photos. Once the model was approved they provided a series of grayscale renderings to receive final sign-off for exact camera angle for the vehicle. Finally they delivered a fully layered Photoshop file with the rendered the vehicle  and modeled CGI track composited into the photographicwater and landscape.


Cinryze commissioned Artistic Image to create this eye-catching image to promote how the product helps to prevent Hereditary Angioedema attacks. The model was photographed in the studio,  the park on location, and the swelling park walkway was created in CGI. The final post to composite all of the elements was done in studio.

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