Ask Professor Iamstein!

Working with moodboard designs and scripts from Saatchi NYC, the talented team at Powerhouse Animation created “Professor Iamstein,” a pet food scientist and connoisseur. He is going to host five animated videos on the IAMS YouTube channel and educate the masses on the most common questions pet owners have about the animals they care for and love.

Powerhouse was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the creative team at premiere ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi NY on their animated campaign for IAMS pet food. The designs and scripts we received from the Saatchi team gave us a great sense of what style they were hoping to achieve with these short videos, and the Powerhouse team enjoyed bringing this vision to life. They did a great job!

Haven’t you ever wondered…

What Makes a Cat Fat

Because my cat is looking rather rotund lately.

Or how about this? Does this notion ever cross your mind when your dog sits next to you and intensely stares as you eat your bacon burger?

Why Do Dogs Create Meat

We certainly wonder about this.

Plus, extending the lives of our furry friends is high on our list of priorities. Let’s figure out how to do that!


If you share these questions with us, why not find out the answers at ? Professor Iamstein will tell you everything you need to know about your pets.

Say What's Up to The World of Mardo!

We are proud to show you our newest artist, Mardo El-Noor! Using the name World of Mardo, the talented El-Noor transforms inspirational quotes, common notions, and quirky messages into bold works of art. With its creative designs, colors, imagery, and patterns, the work is multi-faceted, interesting, and occasionally hilarious. The uniqueness of the pieces renders them quite unlike anything we’ve seen. Drawing from cubism, art-deco, graffiti, minimalism, abstract expressionist paint-splattering, and more, the World of Mardo is original and whimsical, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. You go, Mardo. Check out some more of World of Mardo’s fantastic work on our new website,! ©Mardo El-Noor ©Mardo El-Noor ©Mardo El-Noor ©Mardo El-Noor

NEW Website!

Hi everyone,

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