Avoiding interruptions? We Wouldn’t want anyone to be a royal pain!

One of our favorite artists, Ricardo Galvão made this hilarious poster depicting Prince Williams and Kate Middleton trying to buy a car; the salesman being utterly oblivious while two starstruck fans drool in the background. The image was created for the Marlin Company.

Scooby Doo Maze Illustration

To help reintroduce Scooby Doo cereal to a new generation of lovers of America’s favorite canine sleuth, the Integer Group hired John Holm to create a back panel maze illustration.


Lucky Stiff

Jerry LoFaro was commissioned to do another book cover illustration for the new book on the on going “A Mattie Winston Mystery” series, by Annelise Ryan . This one, depicts the “hero”, a cat, and its friend a dog, next to a slot machine against a flashy casino interior background.

Lucky Stiff is not just a mystery novel but a humorous story about a cat and a dog working together to solve the death of a paraplegic man who recently won big at the casino. The book was published by Kensington Books and is currently available for purchase! We definitely recommend this book if you enjoy mystery, comedy, and romance all in one.

Beauty Tips for Women Cancer Patients

Annie-France Giroud was commissioned to do all illustrations on the wonderful book written by Aury Caltagirone.  Savoir rester Belle offers tips to women undergoing cancer treatment on how to maintain their appearance and beauty.  To see more of Annie’s work visit our website at http://www.aareps.com/portfolios.aspx?id=0&aid=127.



150 Weapons From the Past. Flaming Pigs Included.

A History of Weapons is a book that really brings out the testosterone in you. Every crazy weapon you’ve ever heard of is in this book and it’s all been beautifully sketched by Barry Orkin. Barry was commissioned by Chronicle Books to draw out all 150 weapons; some of the weapons being giant war elephants and flaming pigs (Yes, setting pigs on fire was a tactic used by the Romans) as well as the most dangerous sword ever created: the Urumi.

A History of Weapons is scheduled for release on April 23, 2013.

The cover was illustrated by Barry as well!


“Synapta Injects Your Brand into the Mobile Space”

Synapta is the answer to building long lasting relationships with customers through your mobile phone. It lets you use a 2 way SMS, mobile web, apps and social media to socially interact and create a more valuable and personal relationship with your customers.  To view the full size Gif running live go to www.synapta.co.uk or http://www.darrenwhittington.com/. Check it out!

3D Rendering vs Product Photography

Product photography has always been the reigning champion of marketing. Everyone knows how important it is to make your product look as good as possible. The better your product looks on screen or billboard, the more likely a customer is going to want to shell out the money to buy that product.

With new advances in technology and more affordable software, companies like Ikea are resorting to a new kind of imaging. 3D rendering is becoming a more and more effective and cost efficient way to design, advertise, and conceptualize a multitude of products.

From scratch. with 3D rendering, a product can be created without the building blocks of a prototype. The image can be created from specification drawings of even rough sketches.

Fully layered file delivery. While a photograph is usually made up of one layer, a CG product is delivered as fully layered files with each detail as a separate layer. Even the shadows are separated.

Troubleshooting? No problem. Since the CG product was created using a program, there is never a point of no return (unless you already posted the image. Whoops!) Changes to the image can be made at any moment after completion.

Looks just like a real photograph. These days CG rendering is so crisp that most people can’t even tell if the image is real or not. Material such as metals, plastics, rubbers, and woods all render incredibly well and are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Boundless resolution. Your average professional camera these days has about 25 megapixels. CG rendered images can give the equivalent of over 50 megapixels. That’s super high resolution and quality.

 Image converted using ifftoany

This doesn’t mean that product photography is going to become obsolete. It is still more cost efficient to photograph the product if the product already exists, or if the item is complex in shape which could be very time consuming to create on the computer. Materials like tiles and fabrics are hard to render as well and are better off being photographed.

Johns Hopkins University goes Epic with David Semple.

David Semple  was recently commissioned by Johns Hopkins Medicine to create a fun and interesting character to help promote the launch of a new initiative to convert all medical records and billings from paper to an entirely digital database under the name “Epic”.

Smeple created a cute character under the name of “Eppie.” Below are some of the images Semple created. They were published in Dome Magazine.

You can see more of David’s featured work here.

Psychic or Wishful Thinking?

We released this in July for Miller Lite. Congrats Ravens! You certainly experienced greatness this Superbowl! We had the same success with the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, we will release that ad soon. Stay tuned!

The most adorable cartoon animals, ever.

Rick Grayson Has made quite the name for himself developing beautiful and imaginative landscapes for children’s board games and puzzles. He recently put together a plethora of illustrations of animals in every day uniforms. Check these out!


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