Fires Can Happen Before You Call 9-1-1

F/C illustration depicting a fire due to having hazardous products stored inside a factory environment to emphasize safety in the working place.

Tony Randazzo created this rendering for The Marlin Company‘s safety poster.

Educational and Promotional Items for Police, EMS, and Fire Department

F/C illustration depicting the work of the police with the community in order to make parents and their children aware about safety tips.

Garth Glazier created this illustration for Positive Promotions Magazine.

To see the entire magazine entitled “Community Safety”click here.

SL Real Estate

Studio Liddell created this virtual fly-through CGI animation to offer prospective buyers of a vision of what their finished raw space could resemble.  The project was a 1 month effort, requiring 3 dedicated CGI artists. The development is a mixture of new build and grade II listed warehousing and cottages.

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Secret Scent Facebook Application:

Secret recently developed a new application for Facebook with our team at AA Reps in conjunction with advertising agency ICM2.  The app generates a few visually based questions and uses the answers to select a scent that is most suited to your personality.

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Dr. Seuss meets “Fantasy Island” in this CGI website created for the “Fruit of the Loom Guys” in the CGI landscape and animation assets created by Marcel Laverdet for Fruit of the Loom’s website.

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Deep Life

F/C illustration depicting a cutaway device (CORK), cutting through the different layers of the Earth below the ocean floor looking for life. This illustration was a feature for the “Deep Life” issue that appeared on the February 11, 2012 issue.

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Client’s Presentation

F/C illustration of dramatic close up of the undercarriage of the Mini Cooper, with clouds in the background giving the impression that it is flying.

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Client’s Presentation

F/C illustration of dramatic close up of front of a Mini Cooper coming out of a hill, at the sunset.

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Problems / High Tech Solutions

Several illustrations depicting ways to set your high end tech home cinema and audio system.

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3DI Creates Jeweled Logo for Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld #13 Finale

Dutton’s Creative Director, Rich Hasselberger, commissioned 3DI Studios to create the jeweled logo for the book “Thirteen”. Kelley Armstrong’s epic finale of the Women of the Otherworld series is being released on July 24th.

3DI Studio is a UK based CGI studio whose recent clients include: Bose Corporation, Mattel, & Zag Toys.

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