Brock University Ad Campaign










Brock University has recently launched its “Both Sides of the Brain” marketing campaign, which emphasizes their dedication to helping students develop both sides of their brain, personally and academically, to become more well-rounded individuals.  Many of our artists were involved in creating these ads, which were displayed around the campus (located in Ontario, Canada), in the city as local bus shelter ads, and in various magazines.  The two pieces above were done by Marcel Laverdet.  To see more of the “Both Sides of the Brain” ads, check out Brock University’s website here.










Jon Rogers just completed this artwork for Miller Sports Group, the company responsible for Tennis Magazine and  Play tennis yourself? Check out to stay on top of your game, stay updated on match coverage, and find reviews on sports gear.

Outdoor Sex Survey

FHM Magazine published a survey to determine how many of their readers have ever had sex in the outdoors.  Our artist, Jon Rogers, designed the survey artwork (displayed above), which was a spread illustration as pixel art.  Click on the image to really see Rogers’ comical work.  And interested in what FHM readers had to say?  Check it out here.

Serum: Wonder of the World?

Artist Bonnie Hofkin recently created the artwork for an article featured in the London Financial Times’ “How to Spend It” magazine.  The article, “Serum: Wonder of the world?,” discusses a new generation of serums that are expected to change the world of skincare.  Read the article and see Bonnie’s design here.

Mia Figlia Restaurant











Our artist, Giovannina Colalillo, recently worked with a restaurant in Chicago called Mia Figlia. In addition to redoing their logo, Giovannina redesigned their menus and t-shirts. Check out the restaurant here on Facebook, then click here to see more of Giovannina’s work.

Hilarious Smokey Bones Promotions







Smokey Bones, a restaurant with locations throughout the east coast, believes in “laughing often,” especially at themselves.  This is obvious from their promotional pieces (a few of which are pictured above), which were designed and created by AA Reps artist, Jon Rogers.  Rogers’ artwork reflects the easygoing, fun atmosphere that Smokey Bones incorporates in each of its 68 restaurants.

“Frozen Stiff” Book Cover

Our very own Jerry LoFaro is responsible for the cover artwork for author Annelise Ryan’s new novel Frozen Stiff. The mystery novel, published by Kensington Publishing Corp, will be released this August.

New Savannah Reid Mystery Novel











From author G.A. McKevett comes the new novel in the Savannah Reid Mysteries series.  Studio Liddell created the artwork for A Decadent Way to Die (pictured right), as well as the previous novel in the series Wicked Craving (pictured left).  The novel, published by Kensington Publishing Corp, follows Detective Savannah Reid as she delves into the mystery of who has attempted to kill 80-year-old celebrity Helene Strauss.

V.K. Nagrani’s New Website







One of our recent clients was V.K. Nagrani, a luxury men’s hosiery and underwear manufacturer. Unlike many luxury brands with super modern illustration on their websites, V.K. Nagrani wanted several illustrations to give their website and online store a retro 1940’s/1950’s look. Our artist, Bill Garland, did the illustrations featured on all the pages of the website, which can be found here. It is a nice departure from many other high-end clothing stores advertising campaigns. What do you think?

Check Out That Background!

If you’ve been to Grand Parade’s website recently, you probably noticed the background artwork of London’s most famous architectural landmarks including The Gherkin, the British Museum, and Tower Bridge. Our artist Garth Glazier did the artwork for Grand Parade, a UK based digital creative agency known for intelligently designed high-tech products. Take a look at the website, then click here to see more of Garth’s work.

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